Amina Mucciolo

Artist. Pinkaholic. Designer. Cali girl. Hustler. Animal Lover. Creative force. Wife. Tassel Fairy. Puppy mommy. Vegetarian. Potty Mouth.  Founder of Studio Mucci, Luxury Handmade Items.

Amina on designing the JBYFS T-shirt

 I made this shirt because I never want to forget why I am here. The greatest thing that I could ever be in this life  is a reminder to others that it is okay to “Just be your f *cking self”!  For most of my adulthood, I battled a life threatening eating disorder and debilitating depression. I spent many years as a spectator; always on the outside watching, trying to figure out a way to fit in. That desire to be a part of something was so strong, that I was willing to do anything (Including erase myself completely), if I thought that it would help me get “inside”. Fortunately, those days are SO over!  After embarking on a long journey of self discovery (which included years of therapy), I finally found the courage to love myself, and with that came so much of what I had been chasing for what seemed like my entire life.  Self acceptance is difficult and I sometimes still struggle,  but it is the only true path to freedom that I know.  

Lets get free together! Just be your f*cking self™ and maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same.


Studio Mucci

Studio Mucci is a design firm based on the idea that we can bring a dream-like whimsey into the every-day. Joy, excitement and inspiration is what we strive to communicate through our items.